Top 5 BEST 2016 Cordless Power Tools

The idea of power tools for women is catching on. Five ladies from the University of Kansas are in the process of creating an entire line of power tools for women called Savvy tools. The line is meant to make power tools a more comfortable fit for women in the hopes of promoting safety and making them less intimidating. 

A major drawback of cordless power tools is that they don t offer as much power as a cord power tool. In many cases the difference in power isn t enough to be an issue, but for larger projects it can be a major concern. You always know a power tool with a cord is going to work when you need it. That isn t always so with a cordless tool. 

It will take some time for you to get the feel for the right amount of pressure and speed to use with your router. If you listen to the router closely you will be able to hear a different sound when you are operating it correctly. A creative person can do some amazing things with a router! The more knowledge you have about how your particular model of router works, the handier it will become. 

Keep in mind the cost is more than just the purchase price. Take the cost of essentials into consideration as well. Depending on the type of power tool, these essentials can be sandpaper, belts, blades, bits, or a number of other items. Optional accessories are also something to consider. What features are you looking for in a particular power tool? 

They are great for detail work on trim or to make unique designs. You can create wonderful works of art with a router and some various accessories. The reviews on routers are fairly divided. If you know how to use one properly then you absolutely love it. If you are intimidated by it, then you feel like it is the one power tool you can do without. 

Maybe you need a drill that offers both for a heavy duty job? It is a good idea to evaluate what you plan to do with a drill both now and in the future before you make this decision. An angle drill is great for getting into tight spaces. Choose a model that allows you several positions for the drill to operate in.